The Franklin County Builders Association is a nonprofit association representing the residential construction industry in your area. In  conjunction with 39 other local associations around the State, we  comprise the Pennsylvania Builders Association 


A Brief History

The Franklin County Builders Association (FCBA) was chartered in 1963 and is affiliated with the Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) and  the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). FCBA is a non-profit  association of builders and related trades organized to promote home  ownership for the citizens of Franklin and Fulton Counties and improvement of the building industry. 


Our Mission

 The goal of the members of FCBA shall be to provide quality products and services at reasonable prices  and thereby promote the well-being of our association, our industry, our  community and our country through the American free enterprise system.  The FCBA works directly with the PBA and NAHB to ensure your best  interests are represented. You will be part of an association dedicated  to maintaining the highest standards in the industry with our Contractor  Quality Commitment Program (CQC). 


FCBA Officers


Mike Plum

Past President
Rhetta Martin

Vice President
  Kim Kesselring

 Julie Peck

Julie Young

Assistant Executive Officer
Donna Sommerville

Code Of Ethics


The goal of the members of the Franklin County Builders Association shall be to provide quality products and services at reasonable prices and thereby promote the well-being of our association, our industry, our community and our country through the American free enterprise system and by the following Code of Ethics:


1. Honesty

Honesty and integrity shall be guiding principles by which we conduct our business affairs.

2. Fairness

We shall be fair in our business relationships, particularly in the areas of pricing, contracts, restraint of trade and negotiation in order to give our consumers the best possible value.

3. Law

We shall comply with the letter and the spirit of all federal, state and local laws that affect the construction industry and work with legislators to improve these laws. We shall also abide by the by-laws of our association.

4. Insurance

We shall always maintain the proper amounts of insurance coverage for our businesses, employees and customers.

5. Safety

We shall provide safe and healthy work places as well as construct safe and healthy buildings.

6. Design

We shall strive to design environmentally sensitive, functional, well-situated and energy-efficient new and remodeled buildings with appropriate drawings, contracts and specifications.

7. Quality

We shall conduct all of our construction work and related services in a careful workmanlike manner in keeping with industry standards of quality.

8. Professionalism

We shall strive to manage our businesses to meet professional standards of our industry and continue to learn by experience, education, research and sharing with one another in a healthy competitive spirit.

9. Scheduling

We shall provide customers with realistic schedules and make every effort to expedite our projects to meet these schedules.

10. Warranty

We shall acknowledge any defects in our materials and workmanship and correct them in a mutually agreeable and timely manner.

11. Payment

We shall pay all of our invoices in a mutually agreeable arrangement with our creditors.

12. Opportunity

We shall be equal opportunity employers and not discriminate in the sale of any of our products and services.




Contractor Quality Commitment Standard

A   I agree to meet or exceed existing industry standards and other local codes, laws or fees which might be applicable.

B   I acknowledge that written contracts and change orders are intended to  protect the interest of both contractors and consumers. In the absence  of a written contract, I agree to properly document all work performed.

C   I agree to abide by the findings of the Quality Review Committee and  promptly respond to and rectify defects as defined by the CABO Code for  work or products supplied by the contractor.

D   I agree to describe all prices and specifications honestly and accurately.


E   I agree to use only materials equal or exceeding the quality of those specified in the contract.

F   I agree to maintain a credit rating that is acceptable to my creditors,  suppliers and subcontractors and which conforms to the generally  accepted practices within the industry.

G   As a builder member, I agree to meet or exceed the standards that are  established in residential warranty programs through use of no less than  one year written warranties. As an associate contractor member, I will  honor manufacturer’s warranty programs and establish a fair exchange  policy for items not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

H   I agree to abide by the Code of Ethics and the Contractor Quality  Commitment Standards to maintain credibility and assure public confidence in the Franklin County Builders Association.

 The Contractor Quality Commitment (CQC) Program was developed to provide a program of positive support to the construction industry. The CQC Program provides for: establishing criteria for ownership and development; enforcement of standards of excellence for Builders and Associate Contractor members; and to educate the general public as to the benefits of receiving services from members. The Franklin County Builders Association has developed a local CQC program that identifies acceptable levels of industry professionalism, establishes a screening procedure for new and existing members and provides a method for handling consumer complaints.