The Franklin County Builders Association (FCBA) was chartered in 1963 and is affiliated with the Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). It is a non-profit association of builders and related trades organized to promote home ownership for the citizens of Franklin and Fulton Counties and improvement of the building industry.

The goal of the members of the Franklin County Builders Association shall be to provide quality products and services at reasonable prices and thereby promote the well-being of our association, our industry, our community and our country through the American free enterprise system. The FCBA works directly with the PBA and NAHB to ensure your best interests are resresented. You will be part of an association dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in the industry with our contractor Quality Commitment Program (CQC).

Rhetta Martin

Past President
William Walter

Vice President
Julie Young

Julie Peck

Assoc. Vice President
Mike Plum

Assistant Executive Officer
Donna Sommerville