The Contractor Quality Commitment (CQC) Program was developed to provide a program of positive support to the construction industry. The CQC Program provides for: establishing criteria for ownership and development; enforcement of standards of excellence for Builders and Associate Contractor members; and to educate the general public as to the benefits of receiving services from members. The Franklin County Builders Association has developed a local CQC program that identifies acceptable levels of industry professionalism, establishes a screening procedure for new and existing members and provides a method for handling consumer complaints.


Contract Quality
Commitment Standard

I agree to meet or exceed existing industry standards and other local codes, laws or fees which might be applicable.

I acknowledge that written contracts and change orders are intended to protect the interest of both contractors and consumers. In the absence of a written contract, I agree to properly document all work performed.

I agree to abide by the findings of the Quality Review Committee and promptly respond to and rectify defects as defined by the CABO Code for work or products supplied by the contractor.

I agree to describe all prices and specifications honestly and accurately.

I agree to use only materials equal or exceeding the quality of those specified in the contract.

I agree to maintain a credit rating that is acceptable to my creditors, suppliers and subcontractors and which conforms to the generally accepted practices within the industry.

As a builder member, I agree to meet or exceed the standards that are established in residential warranty programs through use of no less than one year written warranties. As an associate contractor member, I will honor manufacturer’s warranty programs and establish a fair exchange policy for items not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

I agree to abide by the Code of Ethics and the Contractor Quality Commitment Standards to maintain credibility and assure public confidence in the Franklin County Builders Association.